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    Our staff consists of hand picked and experienced professionals in the auto service industry, and with over 10 years of experience in the Touchless Car Wash industry Bill Cleve manages the Vernon location.


    FACTS!! Professional car washes use on average 32 gallons of water per vehicle. Sound like a lot of water? FACT: Studies show driveway car washing can use up to 10 time that amount.


    The Clean Water Act of 1972 mandated that water from a professional car wash must be piped to treatment facilities. Driveway car washing puts the soaps, road grime (oil, tar and dirt) into the storm drains which leads to ponds, streams and lakes.


    In 60 seconds, a typical 5/8 inch garden hose running at a typical household pressure of 50 psi uses 14 gallons of water.

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    24 Hours Self Service Bay

    9-6 Full Service (Automatic)

    2516, 14th Avenue

    Vernon, BC

    V1T 8C1

    Just down from Kal Tire on KAL Lake Road in Vernon

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